Do you know this guy?

Fatal1ty  Johnathan Wendel Number one Gamer best in the world counter strike Quake III  Missouri deathmatch games he has won championship awards tournament world cyber games painkiller call of duty

This Guy Called Johnathan Wendel  also known by Fatal1ty , He's  professional gamer and considered one of the best in the world born in 26 February 1981  Missouri (USA) .

Fatal1ty  has competed in tournaments with Counter-StrikeCall of Duty and Quake III Arena which he won with his team clan Kapitol at the first-ever CPL Teamplay World Championships, his successes have been with one-versus-one deathmatch games including Quake III ArenaUnreal Tournament 2003, he has won a total of twelve world championship titles, including four player of the year awards with the Cyberathlete Professional League  and one with the World Cyber Games.

Challenge at Taipei 101: Fatal1ty vs relic

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